Kuruvilla Karivelithara

As Interviewed by N.K., March 23, 2019
"They were fighting for the freedom from the British people."
Kuruvilla Karivelithara

Introductory Profile: About Kuruvilla Karivelithara

This podcast is an interview of Kuruvilla Karivelithara, my paternal grandfather. He was born and brought up in India in the years following the Indian Raj when India first gained its freedom from Britain. He moved to Chicago after he got married and then to College Station with his family. At age 85, he still lives with his wife in College Station and they run a business together.

In this interview, Kuruvilla discusses the aftermath of the Indian Revolution, and how it affected his childhood. He also talks about what he can remember about his parents, who were both underground freedom fighters for India, along with his father being an Indian politician. This interview is very positive and hopeful, and suggests that while India’s freedom did have some struggles, it was mostly a very good thing.