Le Su Fang (translated by Peter T.)

As Interviewed by Edwin Tan, March 21, 2019
"There were many people [who were prosecuted], especially leaders in the government."
Le Su Fang (translated by Peter T.)

Introductory Profile: About Le Su Fang

My interviewee is my grandmother Le Su Fang. She was born in China in 1939 which was at the end of World War II and she lived through many of the historical events that occurred in China following World War II, such as a Civil War that installed communism and how the communist leader of China began prosecuting and killing many opponents of communism in what is called a Cultural Revolution. She is rather old and short even for her age and gender. She doesn't speak much English so I brought my dad in to translate her words into English.

The interview is about her experiences as a young child growing up in China during and after World War II with the Civil War and how the government repressed the people. It is also about her feelings on China today compared to when she was a child. I enjoyed the interview but I thought that I didn't have enough questions and that the answers to the questions were underwhelming compared to my expectations.