Kristin Taylor

As Interviewed by Pierson Taylor, March 19, 2019
"The power to take somebody to jail should be used wisely by the police officers, and as citizens we should make sure that we are respecting the law and aware of our surroundings to prevent ourselves from getting out of that kind of trouble."
Kristin Taylor

Introductory Profile: About Kristin Taylor

The person I chose to interview was Kristin Taylor. I have known her all my life, because she’s my mom. She was born in 1980 and is currently a UX (User Experience) designer for The City of Austin. She grew up in Las Vegas and went to art school. She later returned to college to learn UX and UI (User Interface) design.

She can be energetic but will become serious when certain topics are brought up. She is also sometimes cautious when it comes to speaking on certain topics. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

In the interview, the topics of false arrest and abuse of power are covered. The tone of the interview is serious, showing that abuse of power is not a joke, and that power should be given to people who are responsible with it.