Meredith Word

As interviewed by Emily Word, August 30, 2019
"You can't bubble him his whole life cause that's no the real world."
Meredith Word

Introductory Profile: About Meredith Word

The person that I interviewed was my aunt, Meredith Word. She is my aunt and has a son who has autism. He is 9 years-old and his name is Lyndon. Meredith works as an art director, and Lyndon has just started to go to public school.

In the interview Meredith talked about what Lyndon’s diagnosis was, his activity likings, and how he learns some words. Lyndon’s diagnosis is basically that he is non-verbal and will probably not be able to speak full sentences any time soon. So, he has a pretty severe case of autism, but everyone still loves him very much. He loves water, trampolines, and (for some reason) walking. So, all summed up being active mostly, which can be hard to keep up as a parent. How he learns words is briefly -- if he likes something he’ll learn the word for it, and if he is not interested he most likely won’t learn the word for it. There are many other ways he learns words, but this is what she mostly talked about.

The overall tone and feeling of this interview was pretty sad and heartbreaking because it is hard for a parent to go through this and even talk about it. I feel very bad, but I also think she was happy to talk about it and be expressive about autism. (This was my take on her feelings so I might not be completely right.)