Norma Rodriguez

As Interviewed by Mario Bellavia, April 30, 2019
"We were told that we could not go into the pool... We were only allowed to go on Thursdays... Of course Thursdays was the day that the water was the dirtiest."
Norma Rodriguez

Introductory Profile: About Norma Rodriguez

I interviewed Norma Rodriguez about her experiences of Mexican-American discrimination in south Texas. Norma Rodriguez is my grandmother, and she is a very charismatic and persuasive person. She will fight to the end and has very strong beliefs in her history and the history of her family. She was a teacher and taught both English and Spanish for her career. In more recent years, she has been fighting for the justice of her ancestors, Jesus Bazan and Antonio Longoria, as they were murdered by Texas Rangers after reporting a crime. She helped an organization called Refusing to Forget to seek justice for the many innocent Mexican lives lost on the border.

Norma Rodriguez recalled an experience Mexican-American discrimination at the local pool. She also shares how they were able to change the rules to include Mexican-Americans. It is a great story and is told in a pretty light tone because justice is served in the end. I loved doing this interview because my grandmother has great stories and this was one I had heard for the first time. It also surprised my mom and my grandfather because this was news to them. I guess there’s a first time for everything!