James R. Pointer

As Interviewed by Jack Wilkerson, March 20, 2019
"The area right across the street from our compound was an ammunition dump. And during the Tet Offensive, sappers had gotten into this compound and set pallets of ammunition off. "
James R. Pointer

Introductory Profile: About James R. Pointer

In this interview, I talked with James R. Pointer, my grandfather. He lives in the small city of Kokomo, Indiana, where he worked as an electrical engineer for Chrysler for most of his career. He’s always got something to say and a story to tell - and he’s got plenty, having 73 years on this Earth. An optimist through nearly anything, he looks on the bright side of every situation - and you can see it in his experiences.

In the interview, I asked about his experiences in the Vietnam War and his treatment upon returning. I wanted to hear how he felt about being drafted, the feelings of his fellow soldiers during training and the flight over to Vietnam, his experiences in combat... everything. Once he started talking about the draft, the story kicked off. I included a particularly exciting snippet of his combat experience in the Vietnamese city of Biên Hòa.