Sandra González

As Interviewed by F.T., April 25, 2019
"At Mexico, I used to read newspapers about men abusing women and that made me sad, but that gave me the strength to talk to my dad and ask him to stop. "
Sandra González

Introductory Profile: About Sandra González

I interviewed Sandra González, my mom, about a conflict she had for many years, related to Women's Rights. She is from Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.

She has two sons, two brothers and one sister. She used to have a conflict between her parents. Her dad used to abused her mom physically and verbally. He used to slap her, kick her, and many others bad things. He also didn't let her wear what she wanted most of the time. That lasted a lot of time until Sandra, her big brother, and sister had enough -- so they stood up and talked to their dad and told him that he had to leave. Their dad understood, so he left. In the interview, Sandra talks about this experience she had.