Mr. Nguyen

As Interviewed by W.N., March 19, 2011
"What I learned is that failures do not count, only the success counts, even if it comes late, and it certainly comes if I never give up. For me, I could not live without freedom. Like Patrick Henry said, “Give me Liberty or give me Death.” I would rather die in the sea than live in a country where there is no freedom."
Mr. Nguyen

Introductory Profile: About Mr. Nguyen

During the post-war time of Vietnam the country was taken over by a Communist Regime, and if anyone opposed them, s/he would be sent to prison. Mr. Nguyen lived during this era with basically no rights and a need for a better opportunity. He came up with a plan to escape Vietnam in order to free him from this communist control and find a better opportunity for his life. His first and second attempts were disasters, but in his last attempt, he managed to escape. Now in Germany he needed to learn to adapt, but it was hard since he was so used to his life in Vietnam. Afterwards with a sponsor, his cousin, he was allowed to get into the U.S. where he resides today.

Mr. Nguyen is a normal person—about medium build, tan skin, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. He was very respectful and well mannered. He knew his purpose as an interviewee and intended to make sure I understood everything. During the interview, Mr. Nguyen went into deep details as he knew that people would not understand his story if he did not mention those details. Every detail he mentioned was necessary and added to the background of the story. In the interview he described what it was like living under the Vietnamese communist regime. In his description every single human right was taken away. He described his family history and what it was like growing up at that time.

The mood during the interview was exciting but also very sad. When he talked about his escape, he described it in so much detailed you could picture it. But as soon as he was talking about all of the tragedies that had happened, I almost cried myself. During the interview Mr. Nguyen was very serious and had a straight face most of the time, but his seriousness began to falter when he spoke about the emotional things that happened. His voice was very clear as he knew that the microphone would not hear him if he did not speak clearly. Mr. Nguyen acted very respectful as all people should act and was very cooperative.

During that era of Vietnam many things were tough for Mr. Nguyen. As he grew up he saw all of the indignities that he could possibly see. His rights were completely gone and as his family lost job. He had enough and planned to escape. His first two attempts ended in failure, but his third was a success. Now in a new country he had to adapt and rebuild his life. Mr. Nguyen is the type of person that would never give up no matter what. He suffered through many tragedies almost thinking he could kill himself to end it all. But he thought it would hurt the ones he loved the most and about the opportunities he could have if he had escaped. Escaping from his imprisonment he had tried the third time and succeeded. Now Mr. Nguyen lives as a proud American in Austin, Texas.