Ravindra Suduwadewage

As Interviewed by Avishka S., March 14, 2011
"It was a miracle that I was in the next passenger car to the one that exploded. It was my life's luck, or I would have been dead too."
Ravindra Suduwadewage

Introductory Profile: About Ravindra Suduwadewage

My interviewee’s name is Ravindra Suduwadewage. The interview was about what went on during the Sri Lankan Civil War and how he felt about that. I asked him about what he saw and felt during the bombing. This would be a depressing moment because when he was in the bombing, he saw things an average human would never see in daily life.

Mr. Suduwadewage’s ethnicity is Sri Lankan. He has curly black hair, a small mustache, and a fairly small goatee. As we started the interview, he greeted me with a warm welcome, and as the interview went on, he seemed to be very confident and was not afraid to speak what was on his mind.

Ravindra Suduwadewage was born on November 12, 1966 in Kalutara, Sri Lanka and grew up there as well. He was just 17 when the civil war broke out. He married Mangalika Warthaka and had a baby, Avishka Suduwadewage. Ravindra Suduwadewage’s age is currently forty-four.

The overall feeling of the interview was a mix of seriousness and a touch of sadness. Mr. Suduwadewage was “well behaved” depending on how personal my questions were to him. I would say he handled them really well. He had a very welcoming tone, which made me feel very relaxed and confident. There wasn’t any rudeness, and the overall manner of the interview was very good.

There were some moments where I had to clarify the question to him a fair amount of times, but I think he handled it very well. The beginning of the interview didn’t really go as well as I hoped it would, but as it progressed it got much better. There were a few “bumps,” but overall the interview exceeded my expectations.