Roberto Canas

As Interviewed by Taylor McCarthy, March 13, 2013
"My philosophy is that if they are truly a first time offenders, then let’s really send the message the firsts time so that he doesn't come back."
Roberto Canas

Introductory Profile: About Roberto Canas

Robert Canas Jr is currently a domestic violence judge in Dallas TX for the County Criminal Court no.10. He went to Law School at UT and got a degree in law. After being a lawyer for about 8 years, he decided to become a judge to help prevent domestic violence. He works to help serve justice to mistreated women and to help give the abuser the justice that they deserve.

What is domestic violence? Domestic violence is the violence against mainly women, which is usually in the form of spouse abuse, partner abuse, or even child abuse. This is a very tough issue, and Rob deals with it every day, bringing many abusers to justice, whether it is by counseling or jail time. This issue of domestic violence goes hand-and-hand with the woman’s right’s issue. This is a more well-known issue, and the category of domestic violence into this issue.

Judge Robert is around 5’10” and is well built. He is Latino, and is the first Latino to hold the position of Judge of Domestic Violence. He wears glasses and is always smiling. Rob is very nice and generous. He told me that to most of the charged, he will only give jail time when absolutely necessary and will mostly only give counseling to the perpetrators, and find alternate means to get them to change. Talking to Rob is very easy because he has a calm voice.

The tone of our interview was casual. This is because we were on Skype and not face-to-face, so we were both casual and chilling out. He was very moving and easy to speak to. He was great and gave me a sense of happiness, and the feeling that I could find good in everyone.

What I took away from this was the fact that you can have a serious job and still be nice and find good in these people. That you should be able to look at someone and instead of thinking bad thoughts, think about how you can help them to be a better person, and look at the good in them.