Tamara E. Stone

As Interviewed by J.S., March 17, 2011
"The point of it was to let the Russian government know that we were interested in their plight and that we were not going to forget about them. "
Tamara E. Stone

Introductory Profile: About Tamara E. Stone

Tamara E. Stone had her bat mitzvah when she turned twelve, on May 17, 1985. During her bat mitzvah, she chose to be assigned a refusenik “twin”, or a Jew who was not being allowed to leave Russia. Mrs. Stone did many activities to try to help her assigned refusenik leave Russia. She wrote letters to her refusenik, she went to rallies, and she wore a metal bracelet for 6 years to bring attention to the cause. She was a firm supporter of the refuseniks that were trying to escape Soviet Russia.

Mrs. Stone is a tall woman with brown hair and brown eyes. She is in her late thirties. During the interview, she was very relaxed about reliving her “twinning” memories.

Mrs. Stone was born on Long Island, New York to Madeline and Daniel Rosenberg on May 19, 1972. Her husbands name is Peter Stone, and they have three children, two boys and one girl. Mrs. Stone is currently a teacher in the Austin Independent School District.
Mrs. Stone was not animated at all during the interview. She was polite and friendly. She did not exactly remember all the details from when she had a refusenik twin, but she remembered the general ideas.

Mrs. Stone is a Jewish woman who was twinned with a refusenik in 1985. She supported refuseniks efforts to escape Soviet Russia.