Dan Brinks

As Interviewed by Andrew Lewis, March 19, 2013
"As a university teacher, many people think that all I do is lecture but actually I don't do that very often. I mostly do research for different projects."
Dan Brinks

Introductory Profile: About Dan Brinks

The person I interviewed is a man named Dan Brinks. He helps research police violence and other topics. In this way I think he’s an up-stander, but not in a action way. He uses facts and persuasion to make their living arrangements and quality of life better in the countries he’s helping.

Dan Brinks has brown hair, brown eyes and a beard. Dan Brinks seemed a little nervous during the interview. He’s nice and he likes to smile. He is also very good at explaining things. Dan was born in Argentina and has three children. He’s Christian. He went to school for 12 years in primary and secondary school, then four years of college, three years of law school then completed a PhD in just under seven years. His dad’s name is Raymond and his mom’s name is Gladys.

During the interview, his tone was informative and easy to understand he was very polite even though there was a little confusion during the interview. He wasn’t always sure how to answer my questions.

Now, after the interview, I feel like I understand more about what he does and who he is as an up-stander and a regular person. It was very nice for him to let me interview him and I think it would be nice to meet again.