Carol C. Walker

Interviewed by Addie Walker, March 21, 2011
"When the massacre happened, the people were told, officially, from the highest up in their government, that this was an attempt to overthrow the government."
Carol C. Walker

Introductory Profile: About Carol C. Walker

My interviewee’s name is Carol Cavness Walker. During this interview, she recalled her memories of the incident at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China, which occurred on late June 3 and early June 4 of 1989. Ms. Walker is against the kind of injustice that occurred at Tiananmen Square and made that very clear in the interview.

Ms. Walker was born on March 21, 1935. She went to school in Austin and graduated from Austin High School. She then attended Southwestern University and graduated from there in 1957. She finished a PhD in English in 1988. She’s been a teacher since 1988. Later, she was sent to China to teach English. She was in Nanjing, China for seven years, teaching rural high school English teachers.

During the interview, Ms. Walker was very relaxed and willing to relive her memories of Tiananmen Square. However, at certain times, she was hesitant to talk. I understand that what she endured in early June of 1989 was terrible. Ms. Walker was constantly reinforcing her devastation and sorrow for the events that transpired at Tiananmen Square. It was obvious that those events have deeply affected her.

Ms. Walker has experienced many social injustice issues in her career. She was happy to explain her memories of Tiananmen Square because she wants to educate people about social injustice issues. This interview was a chance to do that. Ms. Walker was very enthusiastic about this interview for this purpose.

This interview focused on the events at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China in June of 1989. Ms. Walker spoke about her experience with these events, why they happened, and what they did to China. Although she wasn’t an actual protester at Tiananmen Square, she lived in China during that time period and she experienced the immediate effects of Tiananmen Square. The following pages are a transcript of Ms. Walker’s exact words on Tiananmen Square.