Stephanie Normand

As Interviewed by Lizzie Eller, March 22, 2011
"Afghanistan is a place, nothing like America, that will change your views of life."
Stephanie Normand

Introductory Profile: About Stephanie Normand

Stephanie Normand is a funny mother of four kids. She is married to Craig who is also in the army. They have four kids, named Martha, Jennings, Grayson, and Porter. The two oldest are girls that are nine and six. The two youngest are boys that are four and two. She would like her age to remain unidentified. She got married to Craig in 2000. She joined the army in 1997. She works for Signature Science. She enjoys spending time with her family, running, and swimming. The entire family, enjoy being outdoors. She and her and her husband are very active.

The interview was very laid back, calm, and interesting. The interviewee seemed very happy and content after a while which was very helpful. I was planning to talk more about the injustices faced by women in the army, but ended up talking about the injustices faced by Afghan women. I found that actually slightly more interesting because I already knew way more than I needed to about the injustices faced by army women. The interview was very calm which made me happy because I was imagining a very hectic interview because of her four children. All in all, the interview was productive, informative, interesting and exciting.