Morgan Caruthers

As Interviewed by Ella Carlander, March 12, 2013
"I genuinely believe that they will forever be impacted and hopefully impact the world through this experience. "
Morgan Caruthers

Introductory Profile: Morgan Caruthers

The name of my interviewee for the Firsthand History project is Morgan Cruthers. She was born in Denver, Colorado on February 28, 1986. Morgan is the youngest kid of seven. Her parents are Judy and Charles Cruthers. Her ancestry is mainly European, including heritage from Scotland and Czechoslovakia. She is an ordained Baptist minister who works at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Austin, Texas. At the church, Morgan is the youth pastor. Some of her hobbies include dancing and listening to music.

The main topic of our interview was immigration issues. During our interview, we focused mainly on the story of Nazry Mustakim, more commonly known as Naz.

Nazry Mazry is an immigrant from Singapore who came to the US as a teen. He and Morgan have been friends for a long time. This is why I decided to interview Morgan for this project. The interview talks a lot about how events in Nazry’s life concerning immigration affected him, his friends, and his family.

The main mood of this interview is sadness. Naz’s wife went into depression from not seeing her husband for so long, and Morgan talks about how the experience affected her It was an emotional and difficult time. There is also anger, she explains the unfair things that the government did to Naz and some of the mistakes they made were. However, there is also a note of hope and inspiration. Morgan talks about how people who didn’t even know Naz were affected by his story, and how Naz helped complete strangers who had similar stories to him. Also, Morgan describes what a great person Naz was. The experience made him stronger and also strengthened the relationship between him and his wife.