Natalia L. Lunina

As Interviewed by Fedor A., March 13, 2014
"Mother never helped me with education, because she had no time to. She worked, sometimes in shifts, and in the evenings learned in school and college. She was very busy. I learned in school and took my knowledge from there. School taught me, and shaped me. "
Natalia L. Lunina

Introductory Profile: About Natalia L. Lunina

My grandmother, Natalia L. Lunina, was born on August 12, 1951 in Ukraine. At the time, Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. Lunina was born in Makeevka, a miner village. Soon after her birth, Natalia’s family moved to present day Donetsk, then known as Stalin. After spending her school life in Donetsk and one year at a boarding school in Kiev, Lunina went to study math in the Lomonosov Moscow State University. There she met her husband. Since graduating from college, they’ve lived in the Moscow region. This is where I see her each summer.

Natalia Lunina is an average height woman, with graying, brown, neck-length hair. She is not typically wearing glasses, though when reading she has them right at-hand. She is a calm woman, steeped in education.

The topic that we discussed was growing up in the Soviet Union. This includes learning in school and being part of youth organizations. Propaganda was a constant companion of growing up, though Lunina explains it wasn’t as distracting as it seems. The interview was full of information. Natalia Lunina explained in-depth all points, very intellectually. The interview was fulfilling and gave me a detailed picture of childhood in the USSR.