Sherief Gaber

As Interviewed by Elizah Flores, March 30, 2011
"Whatever connection I had with Egypt was just screaming at me that I had to go. "
Sherief Gaber

Introductory Profile: About Sherief Gaber

Sherief Gaber is a twenty-six year-old graduate student at the University of Texas studying law and urban planning. He grew up in Memphis and went to college in Saint Louis. His parents came to America from Egypt shortly before he was born.

Growing up, Sherief visited Egypt many times, going to see his family and friends who live there. After college, Sherief decided to move to Egypt for a while. He studied in Egypt for a year and a half, before coming to Texas, where he has lived for the last five years.

Recently, Sherief Gaber returned to Egypt to witness and take part in the protests and demonstrations going on there. He stayed with friends and family for two and a half weeks. Sherief was also featured in an ABC newscast that followed his story in Egypt.

Sherief is Egyptian-American, which accounts for his dark skin. He has brown eyes and black hair, and he is tall.