Marie Brown

As Interviewed by Sam Pastor, March 20, 2011
"You weren’t free anymore, and you didn’t have anything to dress, you had to watch your language, you had to watch everything."
Marie Brown

Introductory Profile: About Marie Brown

Marie Brown was a little girl who lived through the terror, soreness, and significance of World War II. Living in Metz, France, during the late 30s and early 40s, life was extremely frightening especially as a child. Metz is a town close to the border of France and Germany, and during the war the Metz area was annexed to Germany. In this area the German language was forced on the people of this area, as well as not giving out French bread.

Marie has an average height, wears glasses, has white hair, and loves puzzles. Growing up she learned to make fun games out of limited resources during World War II. She is also a nice, loving, and smart, grandmother, who is a good person to hear stories from.

This was an interview that was sad, joyful, and just full of emotion. The emotion of this interview is like the emotion of the song All Things Must Pass by George Harrison. It is so complex yet simple, with different emotions throughout the song.

This interview will make some remember horrible things, but we need to overcome those moments of sorrow, and replace them with joyful embraces and continue on with our lives, and live them with ever most joy. This interview made me feel closer to my grandmother, and made me more able to understand what she has gone through.