Ramon Morejon

As Interviewed by Sarida Morejon, March 21, 2014
"Nobody knew that day of all that was to come, but what we did know was that it was a Revolution and that it came with ideas of how to fundamentally improve the majority of the population, which was poor."
Ramon Morejon

Introductory Profile: About Ramon Morejon

I interviewed Ramon Morejon about the Cuban Revolution and the Cuban Literacy Campaign. Even though he was young at the time, he still remembers lots about the events that occurred in Cuba during that period. His country was under massive renovation, and Ramon told me all about it.

Ramon Morejon is 65 years old. He is a man of medium height and dark skin. He has five children, two of which are my little sister and I. Ramon lived in Cuba for 48 years before he met my mother and moved to the United States. He has resided or been to most of the 15 Cuban provinces, so he understands Cubans’ culture and varying opinions profoundly.

Our interview was chock-full of information, and I learned some very interesting facts about my father, Fidel Castro, and the revolution. The tone never grew stale or hostile. Ramon was eager to share his knowledge with me, and I had fun receiving it and grasping the new and foreign topics that my interview presented.