Leslie Losby

As interviewed by Holden Murphy, April 12th, 2015
"My one friend… She is, was, very religious, and I remember them kind of being OK with it to my face, and then she said “Love the sinner, hate the sin.""
Leslie Losby

Introductory Profile: About Leslie Losby

Leslie Losby is a 27 year-old med student from St. Paul, Minnesota. She attended college for 5 years and graduated in 2011 with a degree in nursing, and moved down to Austin in the fall. She worked as a nurse for a few years and just recently left the career. She is currently engaged to her fiance, Francis. In the interview we talked about her life at school and some current events facing LGBT teens and adults. In the podcast, we mainly focus on school.

Leslie is around 5 ft 4’’, with long, straight brown hair that is just a bit darker than her eyes. Her facial features are very modest and make her look much younger than she is. She was very open about her life and not at all hesitant to talk about her experiences at school or in college.

The overall tone of the interview is light and happy, there weren’t any god-awful experiences she had to share about her peers bullying or neglecting her. She does get a bit nervous when she talks about some of the issues with her friends in High School, and when talking about religion she tries to pick her words carefully to not generalize any group as believing one thing.

Leslie remembers her time in High School and college fondly and never really felt bullied or put down by her classmates talking badly about her sexuality. She channels sympathy to the teens who had to face conversion therapy, and is grateful that her own religious parents never considered the option for her.