Brian Thompson

As Interviewed by Cole Kennedy, March 19, 2015
"I think Texas will be told that they have to allow same-sex marriages. I don't think they will do it on their own."
Brian Thompson

Introductory Profile: About Brian Thompson

I interviewed Brian Thompson. He grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. Brian attended law school at the University of Texas. He is 35 years old and is a probate attorney here in Austin, Texas. Brian is a homosexual and is a proud supporter of the LGBT community. He is also very politically minded. LGBT’s have been discriminated against during the time of his life and he believes that this injustice needs to stop.

Brian is physically fit, loves to travel, and enjoys new things. He has a great smile that fills up the whole room and he has a huge heart. He is very passionate about all social injustices which comes across in the interview. The interview is somewhat serious, but is mostly open and easy-going. I learned about him because he and my mom work together. He seems like a guy you wish was your friend.

In the interview, we talked about how it is still legal in Texas to fire someone because of their sexual orientation and this surprised me. He then told me that my reaction was just like everybody else’s, “they didn’t know." Brian talked to me about how we, Texas, is becoming a minority regarding LGBT rights, and he thinks that change may come.

Brian and I talked about the ordinances that have been passed to protect LGBT's in certain cities, like Plano and San Antonio. We then talked about how Austin had done this a long time ago and that Austin is more advanced than other cities in Texas. He told me politicians like Ted Cruz are against these ordinances. They want the state to say what a marriage is, not the country, and Ted Cruz doesn’t want these ordinances to pass.

We did this interview in the office where he works. He seemed focused on the discussion, but not in a too serious kind of way. There were parts where we laughed and there were parts where we were determined.