Julie Andersen

As Interviewed by Simon Andersen, March 19, 2015
"When my ex- partner and I decided to have kids, we made a commitment that we would be proud of ourselves, and proud of our family. Never pass that shame along. For the last 17 years that's been a real commitment I've made to myself. "
Julie Andersen

Introductory Profile: About Julie V. Andersen

The person that I interviewed for my First Hand History project was Julie Andersen. I know her because she is my mom. She was born October 21, 1968 (age 46) on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. Julie has 5 brothers,and a mom and dad. She got her bachelor's degree in education from the University Of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Then moved down to Texas for a job, where she taught deaf students in AISD. She also met my other mom here and they eventually got (technically unofficially) married. Then in 1999 she had my sister, and in 2002 me. For a while she was a stay at home mom. Then she and my other mom got divorced. After that she went to grad school at Texas State and got her master degree in counseling. She now works at a school in Pflugerville.

During our interview we covered many topics in her life, from her childhood to today. She talked about being bullied as a kid, her life during college, her gay and lesbian friends in the military, starting a family, and her job today. The overall feeling is happy at times, sad in others, and once or twice she gets emotional. The interview tells us about her life experiences and discriminations she has faced being a lesbian.