Kathleen McAlvany

As Interviewed by Diya Patel, March 22, 2019
"Your circumstances shouldn't hold you back. We can decide every morning what kind of day we're gonna have."
Kathleen McAlvany

Introductory Profile: About Kathleen McAlvany

I interviewed Kathleen McAlvany for my Firsthand History Project. She is my next door neighbor’s (Joan Webb) first cousin. Mrs. Webb told me about her and I thought that she would be perfect to interview. She currently lives in a care home called McAuley Manor which is located in Aurora, Illinois.

Kathleen was born 3 months premature which caused her to have a condition called Cerebral Palsy. It limits her ability to move her hands and legs, but her brain is not at all affected. She had a lot of trouble finding a job because people would tell her that she had no experience and she wasn’t capable because of her disability.

She is a sweet and genuine person overall and loves kids very much. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm helped the interview go very well and run smoothly. We had a casual conversation that opened up new topics for discussion. Kathleen's old age, short height, and admirable smile can give you an idea about the wonderful person that she is. Kathleen has gone through so many hardships, but has an amazing story. I feel so lucky to have learned about her journey throughout the years.