Linda Kelly

As Interviewed by Mary Hendrix, March 23, 2019
"So I’m very aware that most of the people I work with are at least ten, if not thirty years younger than I am, ...but I just try to confirm to them that old dogs can learn new tricks."
Linda Kelly

Introductory Profile: About Linda Kelly

In this interview, I will be discussing social injustice, specifically ageism, or age discrimination, in the workplace with my interviewee. Linda Kelly, my aunt, was laid off of her job due to her age. I was interested in this topic and decided to interview her.

Linda was born in Austin, Texas. She considers herself to be a very outgoing, active, adventurous, and friendly person. Linda went to college in Virginia with degrees in mathematics and economics, and was very eager in college to enter the working world. She has two children and one granddaughter. Linda now lives in Brookfield, Vermont.

About 10 years ago, Linda worked as a human resources consultant, and worked with 2 other people in her same position of work. She was the top performer, and many of her co-workers considered her to be the department that she represented. Until, that is, she experienced social injustice.

In the interview, Linda and I discussed her situation with ageism and ageism as a whole. I was able to learn a lot more about her experience, and just have good conversation with her, as I don’t do often due to where she lives. The interview preparation was a bit chaotic, with deciding how to record the audio, as it was long - distance and over the phone. The interview itself however, was pleasantly smooth and I enjoyed getting to interview Linda.