Raquel Del-Rio Morales

As Interviwed by Robinson Manuel, March 23, 2019
"I had to learn to face change with my family by myself since I am a widow, but my family was always there and we were always there for each other."
Raquel Del-Rio Morales

Introductory Profile: About Raquel Del-Rio Morales

I met my interviewee thanks to her granddaughter, who is my mom’s friend. Raquel was born on April 14th 1940, but was 48 when she first came to the United States. She was born and raised in Matia Ramos Nieves, Zacatecas located in Mexico. She is currently 79 and enjoys traveling around different parts of the United States and Mexico.

Raquel is a very kind and respectful women. She has had a really hard life, but she still stood up to face what life was preparing for her. Raquel is a mother of 10 children and a grandmother of 52 grandchildren. She was really nice with me and talked with complete honesty on our interview. She was a little scared at first, before we started the interview, but she just let herself out and started talking about her experiences.

In the interview she will express her feelings and thoughts about her first experiences being in this foreign country. She describes how she dealt with discrimination because of her race, and how her and her family had to learn to adapt to a completely different world. She also expresses the before and after of this nation, how things changed from when she first stepped into this land how all the privileges the generations of today have.