Christopher Cole Adams

As Interviewed by Holly Adams, April 15, 2019
"My experience in the military was the hardest and worst thing I've ever done but, it's an experience I wouldn't trade it for anything because it made me the man I am today."
Christopher Cole Adams

Introductory Profile: About Christopher Cole Adams

My dad, Cole Adams, is a very strong, determined, and kind-hearted person who is willing to sacrifice his life to protect not only his loved ones, but also his country. He is a former United States Marine and served for about 4 years. Although he says that the military was the absolute worst experience ever, it helped to shape the person that he is today so, he doesn't regret it.

Although he was in the military, coming home, finding a job, and going back to school was a lot easier. The government payed for his college tuition and it was a lot easier to find a job due to the respect people had for his service in the military. While this is wonderful like he said, the military was the worst experience he has ever had and he didn't leave unharmed. He is now disabled by EA standards and while he was in the military he suffered from a brain injury that still affects him to this day.

Overall, being in the military not only made him who he is today but also helped him start adult life however, it was very painful and probably something he would never want to return to.