Betty Steuer

As Interviewed by Milo Kevorkian, March 20, 2019
"That’s when they started dealing with that, and that’s when Public Law 94 - 142 came in. That said everybody has the right to a public education."
Betty Steuer

Introductory Profile: About Betty Steuer

I know Betty Steuer because she is my aunt. She grew up in Buffalo, New York, went to Cornell University, and was both a special education teacher and a normal teacher. Betty is a very energetic and bright person and was eager to share her knowledge and experiences with me in the interview. She is also very funny and kind and I enjoy talking with her.

In the interview, we discussed a wide range of things that were all related in some way to special education. I first asked about her background and how she became a special education teacher. Something else that we covered was what is was like to teach students that had disabilities, including some specific experiences she had in her time as a special education teacher. We then dove into deeper questions relating to how special education is a social justice movement that is closely linked to the Civil Rights Movement.

Overall, the interview went quite well. Each question that was posed was answered very thoroughly, and the questions flowed from one to the next smoothly. Although we had some complications with technology because the interview was conducted remotely, the interview had a nice, open-ended feel instead of being tense.