Susan Lee*

As Interviewed by W.G., April 16, 2019
"Affordable government run universities allocate proportionally high number of seats toward native Malays, this making non Malays extremely difficult to be admitted to those universities."
Susan Lee*

Introductory Profile: About Susan Lee*

I know Susan Lee* due to the fact that they and my parents are good friends. She was raised in Malaysia, but later immigrated to the US due partly to discrimination issues as an adult. She is now peacefully living in the United States, and not worrying too much about her past. During the interview, she was quiet for the most part, but later as she settled into it, she became passionate with her own experiences.

During the interview, we covered Article 153 in Malaysia’s constitution, a little about Malaysia politicians, education, discrimination, and even interactions with some others of Malaysia ethnicity and friendships. The tone was usually quiet, but she became well-versed as it wore on. She was very kind and helpful, and I hope you enjoy the interview!

*Name changed by interviewee's request.