Morgan Craven

As Interviewed by Nolan C., March 2019
"But, yes it was very awful and i get why people have really intense emotional reactions when it comes to this thing, particulary when theyre in a school and it happens or it happens to their children or someone that their close to or someone that they know. So I understand from personal experience how awful it really is."
Morgan Craven

Introductory Profile: About Morgan Craven

Morgan Craven has been a friend of my stepmom for a long time. She knows how cruel life can be and she uses that to make the world a better place. Ms. Craven works for the IDRA (Intercultural Research Development Association) which helps kids in schools especially minorities have a safe and academic learning environment. During the interview she talks about how schools are supposed to be places where violence and hate is invisible. But, lots of schools in the U.S can’t say that they are just that. Gun Violence in schools has been a huge problem the last couple of years. Ms. Craven says that her and her peers at the IDRA have been focusing on this subject a lot.

Ms. Craven not only lobbies to change laws to help schools become safer. Unfortunately, Ms. Craven has a horrific experience with guns in her life. I learned that she was at a place when a gunmen fired shots everywhere. She didn’t go in to specifics but it still sounded terrible. She talked about how some people don’t care about changing these laws because they’ve never experienced the horrific event of a shooting. She and i talked about how one day it could be you and you’ll learn the hard way like Ms. Craven had to. I learned that gun violence makes people sad and effects people. Throughout the interview i try to ask questions that are appropriate and not to be so harsh as i felt that this might be a sensitive topic for Ms.Craven.