Suki S.

As Interviewed by Lili B., March 23, 2019
"People who are more educated have better health outcomes they have fewer mental problems you know they just have access to a better life."
Suki S.

Introductory Profile: About Suki S.

I first met Suki at a very young age, my family and I had just moved from Michigan to Austin and our friendly across the street neighbors came to say hi. Suki and her husband became our fast friends. I have known Suki almost my entire life and love her like family. When I heard about this project she was the first person that came to my mind.

She is a very sweet, kind, and caring person who loves to help people but also is very strong minded and works hard. She has an elegant professional air and she is confident. She is a very social person and can talk to anyone. Once you get in a conversation with her it is hard to stop. She knows everybody and has many friends all of which love her. All of these things make it no surprise that she had an amazing story to tell.

Suki worked for the Peace Corp in Swaziland with other volunteers for two years! She was a math teacher at two local schools for kids in junior high. During her time in the second school she opened a library and set up a system for the kids to check out the books as well as teaching courses to the kids and many other things to better the education systems of these two schools.

Since I have known Suki for so long the interview passed fairly well it was slightly rocky at the start as a result of nerves but smoothed out considerably once we both got into it. Overall this project went really well and I got an amazing story.