Cindy Grossman

As interviewed by Megan McIntosh, March 27, 2019
"That’s something that I have become much more aware of is just how deficient our asylum laws are and how it really needs to be improved..."
Cindy Grossman

Introductory Profile: About Cindy Grossman

Cindy Grossman is an attorney for GSRJ but in her free time volunteers for American Friends Service Committee. This committee helps refugees and asylum seekers with the legal process so that they get the representation they need and deserve. She only just started volunteering this year but has already helped one of her clients achieve asylum and hopes to help many more.
Her first client was a man from Honduras that just recently became a legal U.S. citizen. He first came to the U.S. in 2011 because of targeting from gangs that were demanding money and the police weren’t helping because of his political party. His best friend and cousin were also murdered by this gang and so he fled to the U.S. In 2017 he was picked up by immigrant officials and tried to claim asylum but was denied this right, therefore getting deported back to Honduras. As soon as he arrived back in Honduras his aunt and uncle were held at gunpoint and he fled back to the U.S. and was finally able to claim asylum but not before being arrested for a “positive” alcohol breathalyzer test on the sixth try. Since he claimed asylum in 2017 Cindy Grossman has been helping him with the legal process of becoming a citizen and has become very close despite many language barriers until he was finally granted asylum in April.