Mrs. Thangam Minakshi

As Interviewed by Vedanth Ramanathan, March 24, 2019
"I treated all students equally, regardless of their background and culture. It was a natural thinking in me."
Mrs. Thangam Minakshi

Introductory Profile: About Thangam Minakshi

Thangam Minakshi, my grandma, was born and raised in Kerala, India. She grew up in a very rural farmland area, but excelled at studies. As a women, she was doubted by many to become a respected person, but she proved them wrong through her academics.

Through her excellent grades, she got a degree in Education and went on to become a teacher. As a teacher, she had multiple unique experiences. In this interview, my grandma recounts her career, helping struggling kids, and her life in India.

She now lives in Dallas taking care of my aunt, cousin, and uncle and cooks for a hobby!