Tri Huynh

As Interviewed by T.H., March 20, 2019
"If you die in the ocean, they have to bury you in the ocean. That's the rule, y'know?"
Tri Huynh

Introductory Profile: About Tri Huynh

Tri Huynh was born August 25, 1970 in Vietnam, and immigrated to the United States on a crowded boat. He was living in an Indonesian refugee camp for 6 months before he got interviewed and accepted into the U.S., in 1987. He decided to leave Vietnam because he did not like the Communist Party, and people who worked hard and got an education was equally as poor as someone who didn’t work much at all.

In Vietnam, if the government knew that you were a capitalist they would not let you go to college. If you didn’t go to college, the government would force you to enlist in the army, so Tri went to the refugee camp to get out of being in the army. There, he got interviewed. He was 17 and had a good chance of getting into the U.S., because it was one of the only countries taking in minors, and they pretty much took all the minors who wanted to immigrate. So Tri got on a boat with 120 other people and made his way over there.