Sharon James

As interviewed by Kai Suggs, March 24, 2019
"Then he told me at one point that he had access to my personnel files, and he could go to HR and you know, mess with them. And then finally he said sooner or later you are going to have to sleep with me, and at that point I started looking for a new job."
Sharon James

Introductory Profile: About Sharon James

My parents' friend, Sharon James, went into a male-dominated field. Sharon lives in Austin Texas, and has a husband who goes by BJ. Sharon has since retired.

Throughout the interview, Sharon and I talked about how it was to be in a male-dominated field, she said she had fought against harassment, the pay gap, and many similar things. Sharon also talked about how she had gotten through all of it and what it felt like. The interview was very slow and pausy at first, but then Sharon started telling stories of what she felt and what had happened to her.