Cara Crouch

As Interviewed by A.L., March 15, 2019
"People are increasingly bad at being able to accept something that’s not exactly what they want, and that’s an incredibly powerful thing."
Cara Crouch

Introductory Profile: About Cara Crouch

Cara Crouch was born in 1982 in Columbia Missouri and moved to Shreveport Louisiana. She lived in Shreveport until 3rd grade when she moved to Texas. Cara had a sports-heavy childhood because her father coached many sports. She had played Ultimate Frisbee since she was a child and enjoyed it. It wasn’t until later on after high school that she realised that she wanted to make an all-girls Ultimate Frisbee team and she has been playing Ultimate Frisbee since 2000. Mrs. Crouch has been teaching for 11 years and loves to travel with her 2 children and husband.

Cara joined Ultimate Peace in 2017 because it was a combination of everything she loved. It included playing Ultimate Frisbee, traveling to different places, and teaching. Ultimate Peace is an organization that focuses on helping teach children in current day Israel how to be leaders and resolve conflicts peacefully. Cara loves what she is doing and knows that she is helping to make an impact on the world.