George W. Pearson

As Interviewed by Naomi P., March 9, 2019
"In East Germany the people walking by [were] kind of keeping an eye on you knowing you were from the West -- but they couldn’t talk to you."
George W. Pearson

Introductory Profile: About George W. Pearson

My grandfather, George W. Pearson is now 73 years old. He applied for the United States Army in 1971 and was trained in counter intelligence and German language. He got married and moved to Germany where he lived for fourteen years. While in Germany he worked in several positions for the United States Army, first as an Army Officer, then as a civilian.

In the interview he discusses what it was like to live in West Germany and how it was different from his visit to East Germany. Because of his security clearance he wasn’t normally allowed to cross into East Germany, but did visit once with several coworkers.