Guadalupe Jimenez

As Interviewed by E.S., April 7, 2019
"If our city would have been safe and if it would have been a good place to live in, we wouldn't have immigrated here."
Guadalupe Jimenez

Introductory Profile: About Guadalupe J.

My interviewee is Guadalupe J., my mother. She came to Austin in 2000 when she was 16 years-old from Mexico. She came here with her mother and her brother. She came here with no say -- she just obeyed what her mother said. She came here without knowing the language, but she still managed to have good grades and be on top of her class in high school.

In the interview Guadalupe talks about her struggles as an immigrant, here in the United States. She talks about the racial slurs being thrown at her while in school and/or outside of school. At first the atmosphere was serious, but after we talked more it started getting less serious and more relaxed.