Patricia van Staveren

As Interviewed by Sage Willmore, March 24, 2019
"Some of it was pretty horrific. But you’ve got to have witnesses -- and a lot of the times in the more affluent areas, there are no witnesses."
Patricia van Staveren

Introductory Profile: About Patricia van Staveren

Patricia Van Staveren is a retired social-worker who served with CPS (Child Protective Services). She left after over twenty years of service. Her work has helped an innumerable amount of people and expanded the world of CPS. And, even before her beginning in the field of child abuse, she worked with in many jobs centering around social issues and criminal activity, and her experience in this field is rich.

I’ve known Mrs. Van Staveren since birth as she’s my maternal grandmother. She’s been with me for years, and I’m so grateful to have had her support. When I first heard of this project, she was the only person that jumped into my head. I soon contacted and informed her of my interest of having her as my interviewee, and we got to talking.

I felt inspired to dedicate this project to her as child abuse is a serious issue that doesn’t get enough media coverage or concern. Society has taken it upon itself to normalize physical and verbal forms of abuse being carried out not only on children, but on anyone. Abuse often begins early, and we’re told all throughout life it’s what we should expect, especially when we’re different from the norm. Whether that be by wealth or other factors. But we shouldn’t have to expect these things.

So, in this podcast, Mrs. Van Staveren and I discuss her work in child abuse and put a special emphasis on how poverty connects to it all.