La'Toya Swan

As Interviewed by Colleen Hoffman, February 28, 2019
"There are some times where you have to fight more than others."
La'Toya Swan

Introductory Profile: About La'Toya Swan

I interviewed La’Toya Swan, an advocate for women of color. She was a coworker of my dad and I came to know her through that. She has been in the HIV field since 1992 but has always been working in social justice and community involvement. Her main focus is women’s health, women’s social justice, infant health, and HIV services.

This podcast covers her experiences with advocating on behalf of women of color, defying stereotypes, when she decided to have advocacy as a passion, and how things are moving towards equality. The podcast had a serious feel to it, but it did include some light-heartedness along the way. I hope that people listening to the podcast will enjoy it and consider what they heard during it thoughtfully.