Mike Martindale

As Interviewed by Evan Lidiak, March 10, 2019
"The Air Force said that if you join the Air Force, which basically is what I did, you typically had a choice of what you wanted to go into."
Mike Martindale

Introductory Profile: About Mike Martindale

My grandfather’s name is Mike Martindale, and he is who I interviewed for my podcast. He is my mom’s dad and he is 73 years-old. He has a lot of Native American blood so he has darker white skin and less wrinkles. He has grey hair and wears glasses, and he is married to my mom’s mother.

The podcast covers me asking Mike about what it took for him to get into this top secret missile program. We discuss his experience in the Vietnam War and how he got into the Air Force under the missile maintenance team. The interview has a light feeling since it is not talking about the devastation of the war but the challenge Mike faced in order to be where he was in the war. The following is the part that I find very surprising and it is what I chose as the highlight of the interview.