Inbal Hasbani

As Interviewed by Noa Adelman, March 31, 2019
"You are helping defend either sometimes innocent victims or sometimes not innocent victims -- sometimes guilty victims, but everybody deserves a defense, you know."
Inbal Hasbani

Introductory Profile: About Inbal Hasbani

Inbal Hasbani is my only maternal aunt. She was born in 1981 She used to work in the Wrongful Convictions Center at Northwestern University. Three years ago she moved to New York where she now does Corporate Litigation for Kirkland Ellis, which is mostly companies suing other companies. My aunt is very clumsy like me. We both have a poor sense of direction and always get lost together.

In my interview we talked about the issue of people who were wrongfully convicted and put into jail because of it, when there is evidence to get them out. But that evidence can’t be shared because of Attorney-Client Privilege. Inbal said how she wrote a 55-page article about this issue in which she states that the best way to solve this problem was by adding an exception to the privilege rules that states when an innocent person is in jail and there is evidence to release them, you can share that information.

The interview was upsetting and sad because this man, who had done nothing, was in prison for most of his life when he had done nothing wrong. This could have a huge impact in someone's life and it could take years before he can rebuild a normal lifestyle. This was a very interesting interview and I will remember it for a long time.