Jed Chute

As Interviewed by Matthew Manangkalangi, March 17, 2019
"I would say you kinda broaden yourself as an individual by learning how other people live, and that was what the Navy really taught me."
Jed Chute

Introductory Profile: About Jed Chute

I am interviewing Jed Chute. He is my best friend’s dad and he has spent five years in the Navy during the War on Terror. He is a white male with blondish-brownish hair. He is hardworking, and he has a growth mindset.

I am interviewing him about the his time in the Navy during the War on Terror. This interview consists of me asking him about his personal experiences and opinions, and if they change over time. The interview is relaxed and has a steady pace, but the pacing is fast. The podcast is organized and has clear transitions, with two side sounds that will help the listener to visualize what the speaker is talking about.