Vicki L Rees

As Interviewed by Cooper R-E, April 13th, 2019
"Some of these parents would do 'doctor shopping' because they would want to get a doctor that would just medicate their child so they could come home."
Vicki L Rees

Introductory Profile: About Vicki L Rees

I came to find Vicki L Rees as my interviewee because she is my mother and has told this story before. The story in question was her first job after college where she was a counselor at a camp for mentally disturbed youth. She talks about it because it was actually where she met my father, because he had gotten his nose broken by one of the kids and she was supposed to try to convince him to stay.

During the interview our pet shih tzu was audible at certain points when he was whining for attention. Another recurring noise was when my mother coughed because it was during the height of her allergies, when she practically had a cold every day. Overall the interview was very interesting and had lots of successes that she seems to be proud of and some failures that were, mostly, unpreventable from her.

The failures are important to show that not everybody can get better just because they get counseling, we had a conversation about this later, where she talked about how it was heavily reliant on the people around them and their neighborhood, so even the people who she thought would go on to do great with their new skills just went back to not choosing the best choices because of the people they were with at the time.