Kristen Aing

As Interviewed by Jordan K., March 9, 2019

Christen Aing: In Her Own Words

[My name] is Kristen Aing. I identify as a lesbian. Whenever I came out as a lesbian to my mom, she reacted pretty negatively, and called me disgusting quite a bit. Growing up, I actually grew up in a catholic school until eighth grade, so I had to overcome the shame that catholic school or Catholicism would place on you. Once I overcame that, I was happy with myself, at least majority of the time. Sometimes whenever people would say negative remarks, it would be one of those things when I’d feel a little ashamed at the moment, but it'd go quickly away after thinking about it.

I would say I was pretty young [when I first found out I was lesbian]. Definitely whenever when I was at least in eighth grade, so about thirteen years old I’d say I was pretty sure I had identified as a lesbian. I wanna say that during the years after leading up to when I was nineteen, I was like, maybe there's a chance I'm not. during those years I kinda just stayed to myself and didn’t really enact on anything. I didn’t date anyone, I didn't tell anyone I was really gay during then.

I definitely had thought that [being strait is easier], I think whenever I was growing up, mainly because its easier [being strait], right? In the sense of the norm of today. Things are getting better than what they used to be, but I definitely thought my life would be easier if I was strait.

As I grow into the person I am today, I would say that certain instanced come up where I'm like, ‘Okay, that would be easier if I was gay.’ For example, if I'm going to marry my girlfriend, it'd be easier in the certain sense that if I was strait, but that's more on the surface level than, you know, deep inside as myself, thinking, ‘Oh, I wish I wasn't the way I was.’