Linda Kelly

As Interviewed by Mary Hendrix, March 23, 2019

Linda Kelly: In Her Own Words

My name is Linda Grace Hendrix Kelly. I am going to turn sixty years old this year. I think I’m a very outgoing and friendly person. I’m very active. I like to think I have a good sense of humor and I love adventure. And I was very eager as a young woman out of college to get into the working world. I have two children who are now thirty-one and twenty-nine years old, and I have one granddaughter.

Social injustice would be the lack of fairness and equality among certain individuals but not all the individuals so that things are unequal.

10 years ago, I worked for a firm named Hewitt Associates. The boss that I had at the time of the social injustice incident was someone for whom I didn’t have very much respect, because I was aware of some unethical things that he had done in business. I had very good relationships with my co-workers, and they were very supportive of me and my work efforts.

At the time of that social injustice incident, there were three of us that had the same role, and I was the top performer among the three, and had been for the previous three years. Many of my co-workers considered me to be the department that I represented. I was treated fine, up until this social injustice issue, and then I did feel like I was singled out for termination, for being fired from my job even though I was the top performer. At the time I was the oldest, among the three of us, and I was the only female among the three of us in the same role.

I was notified, that I would be terminated, which was kind of an interesting situation. The main boss made the decision to terminate me. Then, I definitely noticed that my immediate boss and his boss, the boss that made the decision, stopped supporting me in my sales efforts, and in my job efforts. And I was one of the people who he decided to terminate. And, again, I was the only one of three people in my role that were terminated. I also was the oldest person, and the only female, so I felt that there was discrimination against me for those reasons.

So the only option that I had was to pursue a claim of discrimination against the company. That really became my only recourse. I hired an employment lawyer who represents employees with discrimination claims. And so we made a formal claim of discrimination against the company. After about three months of negotiation, we reached a private, out-of-court, financial settlement. I can’t disclose the terms of that settlement because I am bound by a legal agreement. I think the higher levels of management in the company didn’t really know what was going on in our division, and didn’t really know what the boss was doing, or what decisions he was making. So I’m very aware that most of the people I work with are at least ten, if not thirty years younger than I am, but I just try to confirm to them that old dogs can learn new tricks.