Michael Biggs

As Interviewed by Ryder Ericsson, April 14, 2019

Michael Biggs: In His Own Words

I remember one time at the University of Texas in Austin, I was at a convenience store over by campus, and there was a young Hispanic kid who was probably around ten years old and what appears to be his older brother. And they were coming out of the convenience store and they bumped into a guy that I knew that lived around the corner who was a white guy, from Houston. And he was kind of a, I think that he had been drinking a little bit of beer, and he kind of bumped into him accidentally. And this guy, you know the white guy, the guy that I knew. He wasn’t a friend of mine but I knew him, and he pushed this kid and started giving him a hard time because, I sure because he was Hispanic… Not really Hispanic, but he was Mexican. And they started a shoving match. And then a couple of his buddies came around the corner and one of them I happen to know, I went to school with and grew up with, a guy named Steve. And I could see that they were going to jump on this kid. And I grabbed Steve by the shirt and I said Steve, Maxie started it, get him out of here. Because Maxie did start a fight with him before those guys came over there and frankly the Mexican kid was really winning the fight big time. I was just standing there watching just to make sure it didn’t get out of hand but Maxie got what was coming to him. He started that for no other reason whatsoever other that the fact that he thought that that kid was a Mexican.