Christopher Cole Adams

As Interviewed by Holly Adams, April 15, 2019

Christopher Cole Adam's: In His Own Words

My name is Christopher Cole Adams. I am from Austin, Texas and I am a United States Marines.

My experience in the military was the hardest and worst thing I've ever done but, it's an experience I would never trade because it made me the man I am today, but it was horrible when I was in. I used to count the days down. I knew when there was 1623 days left.

I am currently disabled by EA standards which is not the disabled like you think of like I can obviously do everything but, my back is very messed up. I haven't been able to sleep, for the last 20 years, for more probably than 15 minutes. And also, in the military I had a bad brain injury where I couldn't walk for about 2 months. So, that's why, to this day, if I look around real quickly I get really dizzy.

*When you came home, was it hard to get into college or get a job?*
No, not at all, when I came home it actually, being in the military, made it way easier to find a job. I went to school and all that was filled in because I was in the military. So, not hard at all.

*Why do you think that that made it easier?*
Because people are different, so in the 60s during Vietnam, people were not happy with the military even though there was a draft you had no ability to not be in the military. When you came home you were spat on, you were yelled at, it was a horrible thing. When I was in the military it was after 9 around the 9/11 time. People were very respectful, so when I got out, people, when I went on airplanes, they would give me their seats, they were super nice to me, I got into a college I probably shouldn't have gotten into because I was in the military.