Juan Gutierrez

As Interviewed by J.A, April 17, 2019

Juan Gutierrez: In His own words

My name is Juan and I am working on hardwood floors installation over fifteen years. One time that I have a job and then my boss called me and say he gave the job for someone else because I was not the right person to do the job. I was surprised because he never does this to me and then when I asked why he said the way I look was not the right way. So I feel very disappointed of him. It happened a few times. When he did this to me like the 3rd time I decided not to work for him no more because he wasn’t a good person because he said that sometimes I got dirty on my clothes.

This kind of problem affected me and made me almost quit. I found another job and they are good persons they always happy with me because I’m a hard worker. I always try to do my best in every different job and people can tell you exactly what I am. I think that people who hire another people just because of their appearance, it is not the right thing to do because they have to know who do the job is the most important person, not the way you look or the way you dress. We go to work, not to a party.