Rachel Grabel

As Interviewed by Nell Kaminski, March 25, 2019

Rachel Grabel: In Her Own Words

My first foster was very challenging; he had a neurological disorder so a few months before I got him he wasn't able to walk. They [the people at the shelter] don’t know, he had had a pretty rough past. We think he came from a home where he was abused, and he had a lot of separation anxiety so it was hard to leave him at home alone. But just getting him into a house, it was amazing how much he grew. He was able to walk, and he was just such a loving dog.

It was very challenging, it was hard. He didn't get along with other dogs, a lot of things in my house got destroyed. Just trying to find a way to put him in an environment where he felt safe and where he could thrive. His name was Oliver and I had him for eight months. He kind of became a completely different dog. He was really disintegrating in the shelter and not doing well. Then after those eight months he changed so much for the better. He was able to handle situations better and didn't have as much anxiety. He was healthier, he was walking again, and he found a home. With Oliver, he was not highly adoptable; he was an older dog, he was a pit-bull, he had anxiety he didn't get along well with other dogs.