Susan Lee*

As Interviewed by W.G., April 16, 2019

Susan Lee*: In Her Own Words

Unequal educational, financial, and political privilege benefit toward native Malays trouble me the most. I faced racial profiling during my childhood and student life all the way to adulthood.

Racial profiling took away my opportunity to obtain a college education. Affordable government run universities allocate proportionally high number of seats toward native Malays, this making non Malays extremely difficult to be admitted to those universities. Due to this biased policy based solely on race, I was prevented to persuade a higher education and ended up participation in the workforce.

This affected my opinion that Malaysia is a racist country to live in. There was some racial injustice during my school years. For instance, very often Malay students would tell us to “balik Cina”, which means go back to China. The biggest impact was still about unequal education opportunities in which discrimination occurred publicly via discriminative government policies.

Despite the unfairness of government policies I still had some Malay friends. Many of them were very friendly. However, we were never able to develop a very deep friendship.

Article 153 is a political partisanship to allow a symbolic king; which is Malay, to have power to reject any non Malay to take up high position in the Malaysia government. We have seen incidents that the Malay king refused to approve a non Malay politician to be a governor of a state, even though this politician won the election via democratic process.

The “New Economy Policy” is a set of laws that prefer native Malays. Malays have far more quota to receive government contracts, higher education and favorable terms in housing. The most unfair law is the limited college admission to the intelligent hard working non Malay students.

During my time nobody brave enough to protest. You don’t be the only one the protest and get locked away. This isn’t a free speech country like the United States. No, my thoughts haven’t changed since moving, I decided to stay in the US because I don’t want my next generation to suffer to the same fate.